FP Falmouth graduate Charlotte Garner industry update

#fpfalmouth #graduate Charlotte Garner has been busy in her 9 months since graduating!
She found time in her busy schedule to write us a summation of everything she has been up to:
“After finishing and handing in my degree at Falmouth I jumped straight into the industry, luckily gaining an internship with Big Sky Studios in London after they visited @falmouthuni to do a talk.
During my intern week, I was very lucky to be on a Peter Lindbergh shoot for the Pirelli Calendar, getting first-hand experience of what the fashion industry was like. Having previously thought that ‘studio assistant’ wasn’t the job I wanted to go into (as I knew I wanted to be a producer), my first week at Big Sky taught me that this is where I was going to learn the most, get the most out of the industry and also gain contacts, friends and grow me as a person in London.
Throughout my time at Big Sky I got to studio assist a lot of big named photographers such as Thomas Cooksey, Mert and Marcus, Tim Walker, Miles Aldridge, Josh Olins, Jacob Sutton, Liz Collins and Solve Sundsbo to name a few and working with huge brands such as Burberry, Rimmel, Rayban, Vogue Magazine, Elle Magazine, Mac, ID Magazine, the list is endless.
Being surrounded by so many people not only in the fashion industry but also outside of it really allowed me to get a thorough understanding first hand on how everything works and who different people are and a hell of a lot more about producing than I really understood before coming into this job.

At Big Sky studios you get to work with the most amazing people in the industry and each day is a chance to make your connections with clients and build relationships within the fashion industry. I feel you wouldn’t get that chance without first-hand experience in the studios. These are opportunities that you would only dream of straight after graduation.
I got the opportunity of using the studios for my own shoots as a perk of being a full time studio assistant. Using connections I had made and friends I had met, I created editorials and shoots for different magazines and brands whilst having use of the amazing studios.
By taking my holiday to go and assist photographers and work as a casting agent for Megan McCluskie casting, I got to work with many different clients, such as being a producer for a shoot with Lee Stafford by Very. I got offered the job from a producer that I worked with at Big Sky.
After a whole year of being at Big Sky, I decided I would bite the bullet and go freelance. This was an option I never thought I would have, but through the connections I had made whilst being at Big Sky I was able to step forward and progress into becoming a producer. The most production job was with Tim Walker working as a PA for his production team Padbury. This was an incredible experience and I have now got work lined up for many other production companies, assisting work for photographers. I also have time to focus on my own work and progress that more whilst I am freelance.
I am very much excited with the prospect of going freelance and having been given the opportunity already to go full time with a few production companies, I know I chose the right career path to go into after graduating at Falmouth.’


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