Body and Performance workshop

#fpfalmouth and #amata (Academy of Music and Theatre Arts) 3rd year students collaborated to produce some innovative imagery last week during a ‘Body and Performance’ workshop focusing on movement and shape of fabrics. Understanding of shape, tone, form and the way that clothes move are key skills in Fashion Photography.

See below for some BTS photos from the workshop shot by our #fpfalmouth technical instructor James Fisher:

yr3_performance_bts_dscf0926_jf_09022017 yr3_performance_bts_dscf0925_jf_09022017 yr3_performance_bts_dscf0922_jf_09022017 yr3_performance_bts_dscf0915_jf_09022017 yr3_performance_bts_dscf0886_jf_09022017 yr3_performance_bts_dscf0853_jf_09022017 yr3_performance_bts_dscf0845_jf_09022017 yr3_performance_bts_dscf0831_jf_09022017 yr3_performance_bts_dscf0816_jf_09022017




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