2nd year students 5×4 Large Format workshop

#fpfalmouth 2nd year students recently took part in a 2 day 5×4 Large Format photography workshop.

Students were tasked with shooting, processing and printing 2 x black and white film images produced from the studio workshop.

See below for some behind the scenes images shot by our brilliant Technical Instructor, James Fisher!

20170118-dscf9975-jf 20170118-dscf9955-jf-2 20170118-dscf9949-jf 20170118-dscf9938-jf 20170118-dscf9932-jf 20170118-dscf9933-jf 20170118-dscf9931-jf 20170118-dscf9919-jf 20170118-dscf9909-jf 20170112-dscf9899-jf 20170112-dscf9896-jf 20170112-dscf9892-jf 20170112-dscf9888-jf 20170112-dscf9881-jf


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