Marysa Dowling visual literacy workshops

Photographer Marysa Dowling lectured 1st and 3rd year #fpfalmouth students on Visual Literacy today. She encouraged students to think very much outside the box when it comes to model/subject direction and the use of props and the environment around them. Students were asked to shoot photographs around campus concealing their model’s identity then upload to Instagram for analysis.

Marysa runs regular workshops at the Tate gallery and The Photographers Gallery as well as continuing with her own photographic projects which can be viewed here.

b-and-m-80 b-and-m-77 b-and-m-74 b-and-m-70 b-and-m-61 b-and-m-59 b-and-m-57 b-and-m-58 b-and-m-53 b-and-m-52 b-and-m-51 b-and-m-45 b-and-m-43 b-and-m-46 b-and-m-50 b-and-m-38 b-and-m-37 b-and-m-42 b-and-m-35 b-and-m-34 b-and-m-33 b-and-m-29 b-and-m-26 b-and-m-25 b-and-m-24 b-and-m-23 b-and-m-22 b-and-m-20 b-and-m-19


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