Location workshops on Bodmin Moor!

3rd year BA (Hons) Fashion Photography students recently took part in 2 different location days up at the ‘Cheesewring’ rock piles near the village of ‘Minions’ on Cornwall’s Bodmin Moor.

Each day provided contrasting weather conditions with the first giving a classic misty look and the second dawning clear and sunny!

The workshops included masterclasses in location lighting using the departments Profoto B1 and B2 location flash kits combined with the large softboxes and Lastolite reflectors.

minions-2-27 minions-2-25 minions-2-23 minions-2-19 minions-2-17 minions-2-16 minions-2-15 minions-2-13 minions-2-10 minions-2-9 minions-2-8 minions-2-7 minions-2-6 minions-2-4 minions-2-3 location-1-13 location-1-7 2016_17_location_minions_yr3jf_dscf7880 location-1-3 location-1-6 location-1-10 2016_17_location_minions_yr3jf_dscf7824 2016_17_location_minions_yr3jf_dscf7807 2016_17_location_minions_yr3jf_dscf7874 2016_17_location_minions_yr3jf_dscf7865


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