Big Sky Studios ‘A Day In The Life’ Workshop

Studio Manager Alex Aalto recently visited Falmouth to lecture 2nd year #fpfalmouth students on his job role organising shoots at Big Sky Studios. Big Sky is one of London’s biggest studio complexes where big Fashion Brands shoot their campaigns.

Alex challenged students to work in teams to shoot an advertising image in 1 hour for 3 very differently branded products including: Nivea skin cream, Louis Vuitton and Appletise!

Alex wasn’t just looking for a professional looking final image, but also how the groups worked under pressure in the short time frame.

#fpfalmouth students regularly go on to get work experience, intern and ultimately work as studio assistants at Big Sky studios.


img_7380 img_7329  2016_17_big_sky_bts_jf_dscf7702 2016_17_big_sky_bts_jf_dscf7700 2016_17_big_sky_bts_jf_dscf7699 2016_17_big_sky_bts_jf_dscf7689 2016_17_big_sky_bts_jf_dscf7688 2016_17_big_sky_bts_jf_dscf7683 2016_17_big_sky_bts_jf_dscf7676 2016_17_big_sky_bts_jf_dscf7674


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