Fashion Photography Falmouth student assists on Vogue cover shoot

2nd year #fpfalmouth student Ingrid Reigstad assisted new associate lecturer Ram Shergill on his Vogue India cover shoot. Ingrid had this to say about her experience:

‘Over the summer I have been lucky enough to assist the amazing fashion photographer Ram
Shergill. It has been a great experience to see how Ram works and to see what goes on behind
the scenes of his work. Out of everything I got to do during the internship, going to India for a
Vogue shoot was definitely the most exciting experience!
Before the shoot itself, we went to a meeting with Vogue India, which was very interesting. Seeing
how everyone contributed to the ideas and moodboards for the shoot gave me an insight into how a
shoot comes together. This has definitely helped me when it comes to planning my own shoots, but
has also shown me how to communicate with team members and clients.
Although sitting in on the meeting was great, the true experience was of course the shoot itself. As I
walked into the studio, I was met by the sight of a semi-finished set design and lots of people,
everyone doing different tasks. After some rigging it was time to shoot and it was wonderful to see
how the whole team worked together to make the shoot happen. The room was filled with loud
music and voices speaking in a mix of english and hindu. Together all the sounds gave the shoot
an upbeat, party like mood. Seeing how everything came together and being able to be a part of it
all was truly amazing and I am so grateful for the experience.’

A behind the scenes video of the shoot and interview with Vogue India cover star Ranbir Kapoor can be viewed here.


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