Fashion Photography Falmouth Graduate Liam Fuller shoots Huishan Zhang Pre-Fall 2016 collection

FP Falmouth graduate Liam Fuller recently shot the Pre-Fall collection for Fashion Designer Huishan Zhang. He was ably assisted by Stage 3 student Angharad Thomas.

See below for the images of the collection and some Behind The Scenes images from the shoot. Go to for more of Liam’s inspiring photography.

See for the artcile –

12626211_10153202422431851_799535651_n 12606980_10153202456646851_1606853076_n 12596413_10153202422081851_191805970_n 12583876_10153202422491851_1187441035_n 12576264_10153202423776851_1994566455_n 12576062_10153202423571851_460169560_n 12575768_10153202422596851_41248206_n 12571233_10153202422536851_687473162_n

12631252_10153203388576851_1320028073_o 12625869_10153203388436851_772501422_n 12625627_10153203388261851_146493434_n 12607207_10153203388461851_479234178_n 12607112_10153203388291851_402339295_n 12596996_10153203388526851_146388639_o 12596143_10153203388146851_1622376368_n 12583849_10153203388306851_736687893_n 12576053_10153203388391851_690005798_n 12575784_10153203388791851_741595598_n 12467962_10153203388426851_482798386_n


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