FP Falmouth Graduate Scarlett Casciello – Behind The Scenes

We recently spoke to FP Graduate Scarlett Casciello about her whirlwind life after Falmouth University:

‘Since I’ve graduated I’ve been working as a freelance photographer between London and Beijing working with small independent magazines from all over the world as well as some bigger more well known ones, look books, editorial and still life for designers as well.

I recently came back to London for a month and worked with Bea Taylor from BA Fashion Design shooting her first collection for her label – Bea’s list.

I also shot a documentary series of Sicilian women on the beach this summer which was for a coffee table style publication called Satellite Journal. It features some big photographers and models in the industry so quite a fun thing to do on the side of fashion as I still like doing documentary stuff too.

Since moving to Beijing last August I’ve shot fashion weeks and quite a lot of editorial work, during October I worked for i-D magazine doing a feature on China fashion week and the designers that come out of fashion week.

In April I shot a still life editorial for L’Officiel China. I’ve worked with modelling agencies in London and Beijing such as Next, Longteng, Select and Storm and have built up a good working relationship with the agencies. I’m currently in Beijing building my confidence as a photographer as well as my portfolio so I can return to London with work that’s unique and also utilise the contacts I’ve made here. I spent 3 months doing an intensive course in Mandarin so I also used the time here to learn the language and that helped me a lot in working here properly with teams.’

If you would like to check out Scarlett’s work, please check out here website here: http://www.scarlettcasciello.com/


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