Stage 1 students shoot the Falmouth Uni Fashion Show

Falmouth University hosted it’s annual Fashion Show last weekend, with Stage 3 BA (Hons) Fashion Design students showcasing their collections. Our Stage 1 BA (Hons) Fashion Photography students were tasked with shooting the catwalk, with Fashion Photogaphy graduate and now fully fledged professional catwalk photographer Beccy Nuthall taking the lead after giving an in depth Catwalk photography workshop.

DSCF7405 DSCF7399 DSCF7396 DSCF7395 DSCF7394 DSCF7393DSCF7421

20150516-DSCF5598-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5586-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5554-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5544-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5542-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5541-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5536-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5529-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5527-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5514-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5512-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5511-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5466-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5464-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5462-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5450-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5449-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5448-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5117-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5114-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5113-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5111-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5110-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5103-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5084-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5080-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5079-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5078-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5057-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5052-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5048-james_fisher 20150516-DSCF5044-james_fisher 20150516-20150516-DSCF5094-2-james_fisher-2-james_fisher

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