Fashion Photography Symposium January 2015

Fashion Photography Symposium – 5th Jan 2015

Guest Speakers:
Michael Woolley – – Michael, as some of you may know, is our external examiner.  He has an incredibly inspiring and diverse portfolio working for clients such as Kenzo, Warehouse, Issey Miyake, Elle Magazine, Men’s Vogue and Arena; also directing TV commercials and short films.

James Midwinter – – James Midwinter has been working as a retoucher in London for 8 years, and has worked for some incredible photographers and brands, these include: David Bailey, Nike, Esquire, David Shama, i-D, Wonderland and Fantastic Man.

Niall McInerney – A world renowned catwalk photographer, throughout 80’s, 90’s and 00’s Niall has been producing inspiring Fashion images, for clients such as Harpers & Queen, capturing a wealth of exciting shots both on the runway and backstage, always looking for that perfect moment.

Symp Jan Symp Jan 4 Symp Jan 3 Symp Jan 2


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