Founding Art Director of Elle magazine collaborates with students on LIVE FASHION brief…

Clive Crook, the founding art director of Elle magazine, UK, is excited to work with our first cohort of students on their next live project. Clive is a celebrated and highly influential figure, having also worked as an art director and consultant on the German, Indian, Bulgarian and Chinese editions of Elle magazine, as well as the Daily Telegraph.

Under his direction, fashion photography students will collaborate with students from BA(Hons) Fashion and Performance Sportswear Design, photographing their unique collections for a series of exciting briefs involving still, moving and animated forms of image making. Clearly Clive is looking forward to the challenge as much as we are.

He says: “A fashion photography course sitting within a fashion programme is a great fit and provides a real-time opportunity for professional practice and execution. This interaction mirrors working life after university. Cross-collaboration with the fashion design students should produce some innovative and exciting work in both photography and fashion film.”


One comment

  1. Eliza Miller

    I worked with the wonderful Clive at Elle magazine in the late Eighties – he was always utterly delightful! I was a mere Production assistant – and admired him from afar!

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