Falmouth Fashion Photographers take London Fashion Week: Part 3 “The Interview”

Part 3: The  Interview

Interviewing and photographing your London Fashion Week hero is no easy task, but the students came up trumps again with some stellar contributions – some of which were re-blogged onto VOGUE.co.uk

From celebrities Bill Nighy, David Gandy and Kanye West to top bloggers Pandemonia , Susie Bubble,  Cailin Klohk and the Sartorialist… here are some great images and stories from the students:

Cailin Klohk, German blogger, birdsofafeatherblog.blogspot.com
Photo taken by Olivia Bossert, Level 1 BA(Hons) Fashion Photography, UCF www.oliviabossert.com

“My picture of David Gandy from LFW A/W 2012 has appeared on the vogue.co.uk website on the ‘David Gandy’s Blog’ page – I’m super excited that my image is on Vogue!” – Harry Bartlett, Level 1 BA(Hons) Fashion Photography, UCF [BLOG: http://inspiredbymyself.tumblr.com]

“From the entrance of Somerset House appeared the lovely Susie Bubble! She is a writer and editor living and working in London. Susie started her blog ‘Style Bubble’ in March 2006. I managed to approach her and we asked her a few questions about what she was wearing, her influences and what brings her to LFW” – Beth Carter-Crosby, Level 1 BA(Hons) Fashion Photography, UCF 

“Iconic blogger/photographer Scott Schuman began The Sartorialist with the idea of creating a two-way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life.” – Nicole Gomes, Level 1 BA(Hons) Fashion Photography, UCF [Blog: http://eat–sleep–shoot.tumblr.com]

“I was doing street photography around Mayfair when I passed a smartly dressed man sat outside of a café with black-rimmed glasses and a familiar face. He caught me looking and so I moved on and continued photographing along the street. When I passed him again I realised that the man had put down his paper and was watching me. He caught my eye and waved me over. I thought this was quite strange but I began to walk over as he stood up to shake my hand. In an eloquent voice he said,‘Hello, can I buy you a coffee?’ I politely declined and explained that I was working taking photos of the trends in the area of Mayfair and asked whether I could photograph him. He posed holding the football paper, which he said he had to read in order to consume anything for breakfast, and we continued to talk after I took his photo. We spoke about London Fashion Week and even baked beans and marmite on toast. He mentioned his name was Bill and when I asked him what he does for a living he quietly said he was an actor. I asked whether I would have seen him in anything because I thought he looked familiar and he said, ‘Well I don’t know Nicole, I don’t know what you’ve seen.’ I took this as either he hadn’t done a lot or he was somebody famous and didn’t want to tell me. After our conversation I said that it was lovely to meet him and thanked him for the photo but I had to go continue photographing. I then went to meet some friends and explained the weird meeting I’d just had. I showed them the photo and they ALL shouted – ‘THAT’S BILL NIGHY!” – Nicole Gomes, Level 1 BA(Hons) Fashion Photography, UCF [Blog: http://eat–sleep–shoot.tumblr.com]

Emma Talbot (second from left) and iconic shoe designer Manolo Blahnik

Kanye West by Gemma Vaughan – Level 1 BA(Hons) Fashion Photography, UCF 

Pandemonia – Iconic blogger/writer/fine artist by Olivia Bossert, Level 1 BA(Hons) Fashion Photography, UCF www.oliviabossert.com

Images: Copyright 2012 – Level 1 Students, BA(Hons) Fashion Photography, UCF

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